Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Best Websites for Teens to Earn Money Online - Part 2

3. Quick Money for Teen Programmers

If you are an ace programmer with any
programming language, you could spend
your summer doing programming
freelance jobs for some real cash.
However, when it comes to finding
freelance work, you have to be very careful
what websites you visit – as most of them
are useless or flat out scams.
Scriptlance is about as far from a scam as
you can get.

At the beginning of my online
writing career, I spent months sifting
through the latest project postings there
(there are dozens per hour), and bidding on
the ones that matched my skill set.

There ’s
writing work, but the bulk of Scriptlance is
programming work. If you post a
professionally written proposal to the
person who posted the project, your
chance of landing the gig will be
excellent. Just working on scriptlance
projects alone, you could easily earn
several thousand dollars by the end of the

Other legitimate freelancing sites (although
none quite as big as Scriptlance), include

Rent A Ghost Writer, Elance, and iFreelance.
Be sure to watch for new updates often,
and be the first to post a bid.
Work Hard, Be Persistent, and Rake in the

The key for teens to successfully earn a
small fortune during summer break
through online work is by staying
persistent, even when it looks like you ’ll
never land that first gig. Keep posting your
daily articles to the royalty paying websites,
and bid on freelance projects constantly.

Soon, you ’ll find that you have more work
than you know what to do with. If you can
discipline yourself to work for at least eight
hours straight for every weekday during
the summer – you’ll save far more money
than any of your friends could earn waiting
tables or mowing lawns!

Have you ever earned money from any of
the sites listed in this article? Are there any
good opportunities missing? Share your
opinion in the comments section.

Thank You.


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