Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Review Of Lawn Chair Millionaire

There is a lot of buzz on the internet concerning
Lawn Chair Millionaire. The appeal of this program
has to do with the marketing website that
promotes a residual income along with its
moneyline pool. The founders have an extensive
history in multi-level and network marketing.
They did years of research, development, testing
of alternative ways to make money before
eventually finding some well guarded wealth
building secrets. Is the program that they
developed a way for everyone to make
themselves a passive income in spare time like
they advertise?

Lawn Chair Millionaire has a set up fee of $49.99
and a $29.99 monthly subscription fee. So to get
started costs $79.98. Now the refund policy is 30
days and you only get back the $29.99 fee not
the $49.99 set up fee.

The marketing website give you no FAQS about
the program and you must fill in you name and
email address to get more information. You also
must verify your email address before
proceeding so in order to find anything out you
need to give them a valid email address. The first
thing you notice you are enticed to join this
program through the fear of loss technique via
the moneyline pools. These promise a certain
amount of money and are on every page of the
site encouraging you to lock in your position. If
you do not join you begin to receive "fear of loss"
type emails that tell you to join or lose your

Now the moneyline pool is paid out over 3
months to you. You receive your first share the
night you join and the next 2 shares over the
following months provided that you have an
active subscription to the vault. This pool is not a
source of residual passive income as you only
get paid those 3 shares and that is it. In order to
continue to make money from Lawn Chair
Millionaire you must recruit people. They do give
you a generous $20 fast start bonus the first
month and $15 every month after that that your
referral is active.

Now the product is the vault, which is what your
are spending $29.95 a month to have access to.
Inside the vault you have access to 3
opportunities that you can make money from but
you have to spend more money. The
opportunities inside the vault can be found
outside Lawn Chair Millionaire for more then what
you are getting them inside the program. They
will also provide you with step by step
instructions on how to go about setting
everything up. The programs inside the vault are
another source of residual income if you choose
to pay to join those and promote them.

There is only one way to get paid from the
program. You need to purchase a debit card and
depending on how many referrals you have
depends on how much it costs. You have to pay
for the card plus shipping, the following prices
are the 2 combined. It costs $64 if you sponsor
no one, $54.99 if you sponsor 3, $44.99 if you
sponsor 5, $25 if you sponsor 10 and free if you
sponsor 15. This is not mentioned anywhere on
the site until you join. Remember debit cards
usually have additional fees associated with them
to load, withdraw and monthly maintenance fees.

It seems that this program has a lot of hype
about making easy money but that is not true. In
order to make a residual income you will need to
recruit people into LCM. If you do not sponsor
anyone you can get your moneyline pool share
but nothing else. The marketing site, with the
moneyline pool is good at getting peoples name
and email address. The fear of loss tactics that
they use on the site and emails is a great way to
get conversion of the sign ups. Even once you
get to the site to join from you do not get all the
information on the program. It is not until you
join that you find out about the debit card and
that everything inside the vault costs money.
Some people can make money from LCM by
recruiting and other can make money from the
programs inside the vault. However this will take
work, you can not sit back and do nothing.


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