Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Struggling with Traffic? Then This Is The Most Important Post You ’ll Ever Read

If you’re not getting enough traffic to your site,
then in 99% of cases, you’re missing the key
factor in getting better search engine rankings –

I visit the SBI forums daily and every day there is
someone asking for a site review and
complaining about low traffic.

And EVERY time I check their sites, I see the same
thing; almost 0 incoming links or having some
links but they ’re coming from low quality sites.

Somehow, somewhere the most important
information on how to get lots of free
search engine traffic got lost.

So here it is: In order to rank high for a
certain keyword in search engines like
Google, Yahoo and Live, your keyword
most have good demand, not too much
competition and LINKS pointing to it.

Ideally, the link’s anchor text includes your
keyword or a slight variation of it. These links
should come from quality websites (and pages!)
where the quality can be determined by high
pagerank and high Alexa rating.

This is it. This is the most important information
about getting free traffic. EVERYTHING else is less

**How many links do good sites have?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Because if links are so important, then getting
close to your competitors (or partners) in search
ranking results will depend on whether you can
get approximately the same amount and quality
of links.

I’ve hired a freelancer to do analysis of backlinks
of 110 websites which will enable you to compare
your site ’s backlinks to their count and see WHY
you still struggle.

Trust me, it’s not the design of your site (Google
doesn’t care how your site looks like) and it’s not
the publishing platform (Google doesn’t care
whether you use SBI, WordPress or simply
upload static HTML to a server).
In 99% of the cases, you’re lacking links.

Sure, you need content and hopefully you’re
choosing most of the winnable keywords and
hopefully you aim for at least a 100 page website.
All that is necessary but I rarely see the number
of pages as the key problem to low traffic.

It’s the links that are missing.
The analysis was done on the top 10 websites in
each category of the SBI Results page. There are
11 categories and I’ve chosen top 10 websites in
each and done a link analysis on them.

The backlink analysis consists of two numbers:

1. The total number of incoming links reported
by Yahoo. The number represents only external
links and to the entire site. (so not only to the

2. The number of domains (different websites)
linking to your site. The number of different
domains seems to be one of the most important
factors determining the overall trust of your
website in Google ’s results. You can get of course
100 incoming links if a blog with 100 pages puts
your link in their blogroll. That will of course give
you much weaker results than for example
getting 1 link from 100 dfifferent websites.

You’ll also see Alexa rating of each website.

Here’s a shortcut if you don’t want to check the
whole analysis:

- The average incoming link count of top 10
websites in 11 categories is around 4000
incoming links.

- And the average number of different
websites linking to a top 10 website in these 11
categories is over 220.
If you’re not anywhere close to these numbers,
you WILL NOT get lots of traffic. This is what’s
needed to make your site stand of from the
crowd of crappy sites and get tons of free search
engine traffic.

You can download the full backlink report here
(Right click and choose Save Link As or Save
Target As … – it’s an .xls file for Microsft Excel).
How to analyze links
You can get the total number of incoming links
by typing in
and then selecting »Except from this domain« and
»to: Entire Site«.

To get the number od domains linking to your
site, use SEOmoz Linkscape and then look at
the »Root domains linking to the page« number.

So in order to get lots of traffic (as those sites
do clearly do), you need to have similar
factors. These factors include the number of
pages and the number and quality of
incoming links.

If you’re still struggling with traffic and you have
more than 100 pages (without lots of pages, the
links cannot do their magic!), then start working
on links, links, links!!!

P.S. And where can I get links? In the same
places as the other sites in your niche did!

Yahoo shows you almost every site and almost
every page from where the other site gets links.

Check those pages and see if you can get a link
there too!


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