Saturday, 17 July 2010

Can GeoString really get you money? My own review

Geostring, a referrel based online business. It pays you if you refer people to it. You may know everything about,

* what is Geostring?

* how t works?

*what it can do for you?

*how do you get paid? Etc.

by clicking HERE

but the real question is , DOES IT WORK AS IT SAYS?

Okay, here you go, to know the answer of this question you got to read some lines below.

Here I write what I saw after checking out the whole GEOSTRING system.

A few months ago I was so needy of money just like a thirsty man in the desert. I had been searching for money everywhere. I was a student and It wasn't possible to do a offline job. I started to seek job on internet. I subscribed to everything that has to do with making money online, wheather It was scam or real!

Most of those online money making product or service asked for membership fee. So It was just a dream to me to be a member of them as I didn't have a cent that time. I tried hard and managed to do a hard work (freelance) for some cents. After I had made a very little amount of money, I joined some affiliate sites that seemed to be attractive. I joined them and after a while, I started to see their real face. Most of them were just SCAMS and a few were real and I did make a little money. But my earnings from them were light years away from what they were claiming. I had just given up and end up with the idea,

"Its Impossible to make money Online!!!!"

after a month one of my friend, who was facing the same thing as I was, told me about GEOSTRING . I loughed at his excitement about Geostring and suggested him to stay away from it. But he started working but I ignored it and thought it's nothing but another scam.

After two months my friend was loughing at me because I ignored what he has made money from. I couldn't believe what he was telling me. He showed me the check that was sent by GEOSTRING, I saw he earned $500 withing a single month. It seemed unbelieveable to me! I know you may be thinking why I am so surprized seeing someone earning only $500 a month?

Yes. I was surprized because that time $500 wasn't less than a million $ to me. After watching him earning I was angry on myself. However, I became interested in GEOSTRING. My friend told me almost everything about How he did it. What he said, seemed unbelievble to me. How come someone can earn $500 a month only by referring some people (active referrers)?

However, I made an account and just wanted to get it a try. I do some hard work in placing my ref. Link on the net and in searching ACTIVE REFERRERS. I started to get some response withing a short time after I had placed my ref. link on the RIGHT PLACE. By that time, I managed to get some active referrer who signed up under my link and they started to refer too. At the first my earnings was bit poor. It didn't even reach the payout limit of $100. My earnings in the first month was $60. Not bad at all, is it?

Next month, I became completely addicted to it and referred a lot of people. I specially referred those who seemed to be well in reffering. It's because, Its not that easy to reach even the payout limit if you just refer people like Fatty J J. I mean, you should not refer people who will just sign up under your link but going to refer nobody. So if you refer this kind of people then you'll have to refer 9000 people to reach only the payout limit!!!

But don't worry. It's not that hard to find real guys who is able to refer a lot. Most of the people you meet online are good referrer.

However, lets get back to my own story of Geostring. After the first two month I saw how my string was getting larger and larger. At the end of my second month with GEOSTRING I earned $264 and I crossed the payout limit for the first time. What's after that?

No It wasn't finished! My string is still getting bigger and bigger and my earnings is getting massive. It's the rule of GEOSTRING, THE MORE YOU MAKE IT LARGE, THE MORE YOU EARN. Last month I earned $1000.

Believe me it's no summer time story. Just sign up and reffer 50 real referrer and u'll know if I was talking right or not.

So what you think? It works?

OBVIOUSLY.... It really works as it says.

Thanks to GEOSTRING for giving me a real solution for money.



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