Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Best Websites for Teens to Earn Money Online - part 01

As the end of the school year approaches,
many high school and college students find
themselves scrambling for summer jobs
so that they can save up some spending

Unfortunately, there aren’t many decent
paying jobs available for teens, especially in
a rough economic climate. However, there
are a number of websites that offer very
easy money for teens online. For a
teenager who is disciplined and
responsible, online jobs are the easiest way
to earn a significant wad of cash this

**Websites That Offer Easy Money for

Teenagers today typically have an
assortment of skills that are useful and
valuable on the Internet. For teens who are
skilled writers, earning money will be that
much simpler. Additionally, there are also
well paying jobs available for teenagers
who know how to write web pages, write
high-volume blogs or forum posts, or
program in different Internet or desktop
programming languages. However, finding
those opportunities often involves wading
through a mountain of garbage and scams.
This article will provide teens with a
guideline for the best opportunities on the
web that offer easy money for teens.

1. Easy Income for Teens Who Can Write

For any teen that has excellent writing skills,
the Internet offers an abundance of cash
just sitting there for the taking. Yes, it may
take a full eight hours a day of good solid
writing work – but what could be better
than rolling out of bed at ten in the morning
and going to work at home, in your
pajamas? Sound too good to be true? Well
put on your pajamas and check out these

** Associated Content

Associated Content is one of the most
popular “user-generated content” sites that
offers articles on just about every topic
under the sun.
At Associated Content, you can either
“ claim” topics from the assignment desk,
or you can submit topics of your choosing.

You can earn both upfront payments, as
well as monthly payments based on traffic
to your articles. Starting out, you might
only earn $3 to $4 per article you write,
plus $1 to $2 for traffic – but if you wrote 5
articles a day, that’s $400 a month, plus
additional monthly royalty payments.

Not only does writing for a site like AC
establish you as a writer, but if your writing
is exceptional, AC will even consider you as
a preferred content producer, and their
clients may ofter you writing gigs that pay
$20 and up for an article.

** Helium

Helium is another user-generated content
forum that pays you both upfront fees as
well as traffic royalties.
Helium is unfortunately a bit cheaper with
their payments, and they ’ve established a
bunch of loopholes you need to jump
through. You can earn about $1 per article
plus traffic payments. However, to earn
those payments you have to spend time
“ rating” articles – a painful and tedious
process of comparing two articles and
picking the one that ’s better. But with
Helium, the real money is in the
“ marketplace” section, where you can
compete on client writing gigs worth
anywhere from $5 to $100 or more.

** Triond

Triond is another content site that accepts
your articles and pays you royalties for
Triond is one of the few sites known for
actually sending authors the payouts
they ’ve earned, so it deserves mention
here. However, if you want to use Triond
to add an income stream to your summer
writing, you ’ll need to submit a very large
quantity of articles that are well written with
SEO in mind, and can attract a very large
stream of readers from the search engines.
If you can accomplish that, then yes – you
can earn money from Triond.

2. Make Money Writing Reviews or Writing
One of the most popular reasons many
people use the Internet is to research
products before buying them. This has
turned “reviews” into one of the most
popular types of content online. If you like
writing up product reviews, then there are
countless opportunities to earn income
from your written opinions.
I’ve written for Shared Reviews (the image
above) before, because they do legitimately
pay their authors. However, I ’ve also heard
that Epinions is another great review site to
earn money from.
Have your friends ever told you that you’re
amazing at writing letters? Then consider
spending your summer creating custom
letters at Letter Rep. Yes, the website isn’t
exactly the prettiest site in the world – but
by submitting letters to custom letter
requests that visitors submit to the site,
you stand to earn $10 per letter. Not only
that, future visitors to the site can also
purchase your letters, making your pile of
work a wonderful source of residual
income, not only throughout the summer,
but even throughout the school year.


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